Owner, Founder

Jasmine P.

Jasmine and is the owner of Unschoolers Creative City, and spends most of her time working on the back-end things regarding the server, such as plugins, administration, website design, and many other crucial processes that the server needs to stay running and maintained.
In her free time, Jasmine enjoys spending time with her new family, and loves to explore outside and travel to new places and areas. She also shares a huge hobby in computers and technology.

Co-Owner, Admin

Charlie B.

Charlie is one of the few admins on the server and helps keep the server safe for everyone. They help with keeping the server maintained and help with new players joining the server as well. Charlie is also studying Outdoor Adventure Level 3 and aspires to become an outdoor instructor and run their own outdoor center.

Co-Owner, Admin

Lilie L.

Lilie and is the co-owner of Unschoolers Creative City, and is mainly in charge of keeping things on the server running smoothly, and making sure players are able to have fun and make new friends. From time to time as well, Lilie is the "messenger" for Jasmine, to alert her of things going on that need her attention.
In her free time, Lilie enjoys hanging out with her new family as well, and also loves hanging out with friends.


Jade C.

Jade also helps along with Charlie in keeping the server a safe place for everyone. Jade also helps with a lot of the building of core pieces on the server, such as the spawn buildings and other cool details.


Erin B.

Erin helps all the other admins as well with basic maintenance and keeping the server safe.